STEP 1 Meet and Get to know each other

This is the chance to meet and get to know each other. I would love to meet you in person at a convenient time and place for you. This meeting is an Obligation-Free chat about your upcoming ceremony.

STEP 2 Booking and Legal paperwork

If you choose me to be your Marriage Celebrant, I will be happy to help you to turn your perfect dream ceremony into reality, with pleasure. I will guide you through the paperwork process and answer all your questions.

STEP 3 Creating the Ceremony and Rehearsal

There are so many ways to celebrate your marriage. It can be classic, modern, posh, cultural or traditional including rituals and symbols. If you have not found a proper style for your special occasion I am able to provide some creative ideas and examples for you.

STEP 4  Wedding Day

Relax and Enjoy your Beautiful and  Special day!



Whether you are getting married for the first time, renewing your vows as a married couple or celebrating your love with a commitment ceremony, I will work with you in helping to design your ideal and perfect ceremony bringing your dreams of the perfect day to a reality. Working with you and for you, I will create that personal and unique ceremony just as you have pictured.

Let your Special Day be one that you will remember for a life time!


Your wedding day is one one of the most important days of your life. Your ceremony should be special to you both and designed to reflect your very special love to each other. It could be cultural, traditional or modern.I will work with you to choose the specific wedding ceremony that you desire, providing highest standards of service.

If you are planning a Themed wedding I would love to take part on the action.

Legal Requirements 

I will guide you throughout the paperwork and answer all your questions.


Renewal of Vows is the perfect and wonderful way to express your love for each other and celebrate your married life together. Acknowledging the time you have shared together as a couple and writing new vows will solidify the continuation of your future together. There is no legal paperwork, however, I will provide a beautiful certificate to commemorate this special occasion as you renew your love and vows for each other.


The Commitment Ceremony is about the love that two of you share. Commitment ceremonies are specially designed for those couples looking to publicly celebrate their love and commitment to each other without the requirements of legal recognition. Here you are committing to be "life partners" to one another in a very intimate way or in front of your family and friends. The content and style of every commitment ceremony is unique and tailored to the desires and needs of each individual couple.

You will get a beautiful certificate to commemorate this special occasion.


A Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate the Birth of a new child into the world surrounded by the love of family and friends. This special and memorable day can be styled as a spiritual celebration with family members or as a fun and joyful ceremony including other children.

You will get a beautiful certificate to commemorate this special occasion.


If you are an overseas couple and want to get married in Australia, it's simple to arrange. 

You don't need  to be an Australian Citizen to marry in Australia. You have to be over the age 18 and not already legally married. You need two witnesses present at your marriage who are over the age 18. You will need to lodge an Notice of Intended Marriage at least 1 month before you marry. I can organise all the legal paperwork and am happy to assist you with arranging your special place to be married.

You can not be re-married in Australia after being married in another country, you can however hold a Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

Same sex marriages are not recognised in Australia - a Commitment Ceremony is usually performed in lieu of a marriage ceremony.


Marriage Celebrants are not permitted to offer prospective brides or grooms advice on Immigration matters. However, the process of Prospective Spouse Visa does require you to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage. If you are ready to submit your application to the Department of Immigration and you require on official letter confirming your engagement, I will provide you with a letter, addressed to the Embassy, confirming that I have received a Notice from you for a marriage to take place on a particular date in Australia. This date may have to change.

The original Notice must remain with the celebrant at all times, however you will get a copy if required.


Civil Marriage Celebrant

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